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John D. Rockefeller IV
United States Senator

"..America's strength is built on the quiet individual decisions of hundreds of thousands of Americans -- that America is a society worth fighting for..

 Gene Vance died for a just and noble cause..

 He was prepared to put himself on the line for America, for Americans, and for the society in which he wanted you to live.


You have reached the Home of The GENE VANCE JR FOUNDATION, a place of profound inspiration - helping soldiers and their families cope with the agonies and outcomes of armed conflict.

The mission of The GENE VANCE JR FOUNDATION is to further advance the specialized healthcare of soldiers through investment in education, training, clinical and long term care.

Our goals include helping wounded warriors with unique, complex and devastating war injuries regain their ability to work and live productively within our society.

Your support enables leading edge initiatives that seek to help veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq war receive the best quality care possible.

Foundation Volunteer Makes History:
The world's most extensive and complicated double arm transplant...
Unified C.A.R.E. Initiative:
Breakthrough military/civilian public-private effort to advance...
Foundation volunteer makes history:
The first and second full face transplants in the United States...
Extremity War Injuries Initiative:
Leading an unprecedented nationwide response...
Foundation volunteer makes history
The world's largest and most complex facial tissue transplant...
The Gene Vance Biometrics Experimentation Center
DoD Biometrics Task Force dedicates...





Vance Nolan Building

Military Intelligence,
Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Vance Barracks
Defense Language Institute
Presidio of Monterey, California


The Gene Vance Jr. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit corporation